M.G.V Climbing Wall by PYRAMIDE


M.G.V ( Mur à Géométric Variable ) by PYRAMIDE

Introducing a climbing wall system unparalleled in flexibility & versatility, that is able to adapt with your organisational growing needs and changes. As a result of its innovative, evolutive system, the MGV Climbing wall is the only climbing wall capable of re-configuring swiftly and with ease.

Flexibility & Versatility

  •  A flexible climbing wall system composed of uniquely designed fiberglass reinforced panels for indoor and outdoor facilities, which can either be installed permanently or temporarily.
  • The angle adjustment system allows the M.G.V. panels to be rotated through 4 possible orientations, providing varying degrees of difficulty.

Evolutive system

  • Through its specific patented systems, the M.G.V. climbing wall is the only climbing wall capable of morphing to suit your changing needs and objectives.
  • They are fitted for re-designs. They move, split into smaller walls and extend into bigger walls to meet both the user's needs for new challenges and the owner's concern cost-effectiveness.
  • We will train you to morph and modify your wall, so that your wall can grow and change with your needs

Climbing Specifications

  • The M.G.V. system is a high performance product which exhilarates the reading of routes and the learning of climbing techniques. It is fully equipped for safety with protection points for top roping, climbing on-lead and an exclusive 100% anti-rotation system on each climbing hold.

Contact us for further information on the components and in-depth climbing specifications for the M.G.V. Climbing Wall.