Auto Belay

​TOPPAS Auto Belay System

The TOPPAS is a fully automated, certified safety device which serves as much more than a substitute or a climbing partner, ensuring maximum safety while providing a professional training experience.



Advantages of using TOPPAS for Climbers

  • No risk associated in the case of blackout of your climbing partner.
  • Slow descent of 1 metre per second to the bottom at any given height
  • Two independent braking system to prevent accidental fall for added safety


    Advantages of using TOPPAS for you

    • Attract more single climbers
    • Can be used for abseiling
    • Liability shifts to manufacturer
    • Relieve your operating staff, cut operating cost.
    • Climbers get their turn more quickly as abseiling takes less time




    Please contact us for more infomation on the product specifications.