Roll N Lock

Product Description

Climbing Technology Roll and Lock


Three operational modes: pulley, progress capture pulley and ascender.

Openable sheaves for the insertion of the rope or of a sling. Spring operated catch for ascending or hauling. Developed to grip also on dirty or icy ropes. Weight-less construction: only 88 g! Sliding lock for use as a pulley. RollNlock has been developed for rescue and work maneuvers where it's required to combine a pulley with a rope clamp in a single compact multifunctional tool. Ideal for crevasse rescue, hauling of loads, self-rescue or for use as an emergency ascender.

  • For use with ropes EN 892 / EN 1891 Ø 8÷13 mm
  • Exceptional use with webbing 10÷16 mm
  • Spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender
  • Sliding lock for use as a pulley
  • Ideal for the crevasse rescue
  • It allows the hauling of light loads
  • Developed to work also on wet or dirty ropes.

Weight: 88 g

Ref: 2D652


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