Product Description
Quick Up

Left or right-handed light alloy ascender handle with ergonomic rubber grip for climbing ropes.

Numerous advantages:
  • new ergonomic grip, with support for index finger, for improved effective when polling during climbing;
  • cam opening lever usable with one hand; patented system for unlocking the cam, with just one downwards movement necessary;
  • cam with 3 cut-outs to prevent build-up of mud and reduce the force needed to slide the ascender up the rope.
  • two attachment holes for various possible uses, anti-inversion cam system, secondary hole for connecting a maglia rapide for an etrier.

Right and left ascender device with handle for ascent on rope.

Model Ref. No. Handle Color
Quick Up SX 2D639SN left grey
Quick Up DX 2D639DN right lobster

215 g

EN 567:1997 8 ÷ 13 mm
EN 12841:2006-B 10 ÷ 13 mm


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