Product Description

Multiuse belay/abseil device with innovative and compact design (registered design), suitable for use with half. twin and single ropes for mountaineering, multi-pitch sport climbing and trad routes.

Intuitive and easy to use, the BE-UP has a modular braking system to optimise braking with all types of rope and allow the auto-locking and independent belaying of two seconds.

Extreme flexibility permits: 

  • effective belaying of the leader. The particular shape of the BE-UP’s body allows rope to be paid out fluidly, rapidly and without jams;
  • while belaying the leader on a multipitch route using two ropes, the BE-UP lets you pay out one rope while the other is locked-off, BE-UP is the only such device that lets you do this;
  • effective, modular braking of the rope: the “V” notches are specially designed to guarantee better braking control when arresting a fall, abseiling or bringing up seconds;
  • the bringing-up of one or two seconds, with auto-locking and each second being belayed independently of the other (GUIDE MODE). The BE-UP’s special shape and the attachment ring built into the body allow you to bring up one or two seconds using twin or half ropes with 0 2": 3 mm. You can continue to bring-up one second while the other is hanging with their rope locked-off in the BE-UP;
  • the unlocking of the rope and lowering of one free-hanging second, without difficulty, with twin or half 0 2": 3 mm ropes. BE-UP is the only such device that lets you do this, simply by inserting a normal HMS karabiner in the unlocking hole;
  • rapidly switching from taking-in (GUIDE MODE) to belaying the leader, for leading through;
  • abseiling descents, keeping the ropes separate. The “V” notches allow you to effectively control the rate of descent, without twisting the

 Construction details/specification:

 light, extremely functional form, for the highest performance;

  • hot-forged body for strength, with the special anodized hard anti-wear HC;
  • attachment ring is  part of body, easily identified to prevent errors of attachment;
  • plasticised steel cable, so you can’t drop the BE-UP and to limit its movement during belaying.

 Weight : 85 g

For use with ropes: EN892-half or twin ropes Ø 7.3 - 9,0 mm and full ropes Ø 8.5 - 10,5 mm

Conforms to EN 15151-2:2012 type 4 - UIAA

Made in Italy


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