Product Description
The Alpine Up is the most complete and versatile belay / rappel device ever produ- ced. It has been developed especially for mountaineering and it can be used with half, twin and single ropes. Extremely advantageous, it allows self-locking abseiling and it can be used in three different belay modes, depending on the terrain.

The CLICK UP MODE (Hand assisted braking) allows:
• belaying a lead climber on multi pitch sport climbing routes (bolted);
• self-locking abseiling, using the folding handle;
• absolute safety, even if the rope is incorrectly inserted.

The DYNAMIC MODE (Manual braking) allows:
• belaying a lead climber on alpine route or ice climbing (friends, nuts and pi- tons);
• braking friction with “V” grooves, similar to a tube device;
• aabseiling with “V” grooves brake.

The GUIDE MODE allows:
• independent and self-locking belaying of one or two seconding climbers;
• possibility of gradual releasing of a second under tension, by placing a biner in the proper hole.

The Alpine Up is supplied with the proper HMS Concept SGL HC carabiner with hard-coated wear-proof anodization and ACL system that prevents the possibility of the cross loading. Patented and entirely produced in Italy.

Weight: 175 g only device.
For use with ropes: EN 892 7,3 ÷ 9 mm / 8,6 ÷ 10,5 mm UIAA - Conform to EN 15151-2:2012 type-2
Made in Italy

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