Alp Tec Full

Alp Tec Full
Product Description



Alp tec full is a complete fall arrester harness with 5 attachment points with spring bar connector Pillar Evo SGL for connecting the chest Alp Top to the sit harness Alp Tec, suitable for works in suspension and work positioning.

  • Waist-belt and leg loops with a large padded band that grants an enchanced comfort during suspension, and a good breathability
  • The waist belt is equipped with two lateral self-locking buckles and three positioning loops.
  • Adjustable leg loops equipped with self-locking buckles.
  • Attachment points made in light alloy with a shape that grants a correct position of the load.
  • Ventral loop that allows to uniformly distribute the weight of the worker on the waist belt and the leg loops.
  • Side loops that allow an easy work positioning having the feet rested on the structure.
  • Rear loop for connecting a restraint lanyard.
  • Padded suspenders realized in a way that prevents unwated rubbing on the worker's neck

Weight : 1500g


Reference number Size A ( CM ) B ( CM ) C ( CM )
7H136BC S - M 60 ÷ 105 48 ÷ 80 160 ÷ 185
7H136DE L - XL 75 ÷ 125 48 ÷ 90 170 ÷ 195



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